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Zagreb has lots of locations and fields to satisfy your recreational needs.

The benefits of doing sports are probably very well known to you, whether you are one of those who long for the feeling of energy coming out of every pore in your body, or one of those who can barely think about physical activities. So put on those comfy clothes and set out to reach new and interesting destinations.

Zagreb is full of locations where you can turn your worries into strength, doubt into self-confidence, and that yummy cake into pure muscle. Find your inner motivation, combine physical activity and beautiful views, and go for a run on the Sava bank, Jarun or Bundek. It is amazing how the perks of nature can be found in the heart of the city.
These locations are also the primary destinations of cyclists. Still, if you prefer to step away from the city, we suggest you head out into the green paradise that surrounds it. Filled with amazing cycling routes, from extreme mountain rides to easy family cycling paths, it has already become a fan favourite of those who rode through it. Wonderful landscape, attractions which will make you pause for a while and just a few cars - it sounds like a perfect location for a trip on two wheels.
All those recreationists who are looking for some peace and quiet won’t be disappointed either. Hills and mountains surrounding the capital are filled with hiking trails eagerly awaiting visitors. Whether you are looking for some demanding climbing or an easy stroll through the woods, head out to Medvednica, follow the trail signs and enjoy the view!
Zagreb has lots of locations and fields to satisfy your recreational needs, whether it’s football at a local field, skiing on Sljeme or swimming in lake Bundek. Chances are you’ll meet a local who shares the same interests and will reveal to you another hidden gem.