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Galleries and Art collections

Zagreb was and remains the city that embraces painters, sculpturers, architects, authors and artists in general. It is here that they look for their inspiration and create magnificent works of art. So it is no wonder then that their muse will embrace everyone who loves or creates art and offer them the works of renowned artists, both local and foreign.

All you need to do is take a walk through the streets of the metropolis and grasp its artistic talent and freedom. Starting with classic baroque buildings in the city centre and leading to concrete pillars of the Arena; murals amongst the tree lines of Mirogoj cemetery are completely different than the ones along Branimirova street, yet both are awe-inspiring. Zagreb is indeed visually distinct.
The heterogenicity of its artwork is also visible in its numerous buildings: galleries, archives, art studios, memorial collections, ateliers and antique shops. Whether you prefer naïve art, distortions in expressionism or classic artists, you are guaranteed to find something that will be pleasing to your eyes and enriching to your experience.