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By Plane

The Franjo Tuđman Airport is 17 km from the centre, 20-25 minutes by car.

Arriving by air

Like all major cities in the world, Zagreb has an airport nearby. Just 17 km from the centre, 20-25 minutes by car, the modern Franjo Tuđman Airport will offer you all the necessary facilities and services, whether you’re a local or a tourist, so your journey through our city can start and end pleasantly. 


Located in the vicinity of Velika Gorica, Franjo Tuđman Airport is a centre for every renowned airline, numerous rent-a-car offices, and restaurants. It has a large and secure parking lot, which adds to your comfort and makes your stay in our city carefree.

On this site you can also find important telephone numbers, e-mail and web addresses of airlines.

We look forward to your arrival.

Zagreb International Airport Franjo Tuđman

Ulica Rudolfa Fizira 1

TEL: +385 60 32 03 20




                        Photo: Croatia Airlines