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If you wish to understand how a nation breathes and the reasons behind its actions, take a look inside its past. Zagreb holds all the important memories from Croatia’s past close to its heart. Here you can learn about the nation’s art, sports, former way of life and famous public figures.

Croats are a creative nation, and through the paintings, statues, graphics, installations, unusual devices and a few food products, you will familiarize yourselves with the history of their creativity. The level of their ingenuity really stands out if you take a look at the themes of certain museums - some of them are the first of its kind and famous all around the world.
Take a peek behind the corner and look for something that will charm and amaze you! Starting with classic museums paying homage to great public figures, innovators and artists all the way to eccentric exhibitions that will enchant you with their peculiarity, there artefacts all over Zagreb that will take you back to another time and place.