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Promotional printed materials published by the Zagreb Tourist Board

Welcome to Zagreb

Zagreb is a city with many faces. There is the word-of-mouth Zagreb we just heard about from a friend, the Zagreb in the photos we saw online, or the Zagreb we are uncovering in this brochure.


Step by Step

A walking map of classic Zagreb


City Map

Zagreb - center of medical excellence

The capital of Croatia is attracting an increasing number of visitors, thanks to its excellent geographical position, marvellous traffic connection, natural and cultural heritage and health tourism potentials.


Zagreb Meeting Planners’ Guide

Did you know?

Letak "Jeste li znali?" u izdanju Turističke zajednice grada Zagreba | Flyer "Did You Know?" - published by Zagreb Tourist Board

Zagreb - the film stage


Zagreb Events & Culture Summer 2024

Destination: Zagreb

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Forts & Castles

Blue Line


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