Other tours

  • 170 years of the Archdiocese in Zagreb

    Who was the first Zagrebian bishop, and who was the first archbishop?

  • A musical walk through Mirogoj

    Pavilions, arcades and monuments of Zagreb’s central cemetery, Mirogoj, hide numerous tales about famous Croatian musicians.

  • A musical walk through the Upper Town

    The Upper Town is full of musical locations.

  • Baroque Zagreb

    The tour includes a part of Zagreb's rich baroque heritage

  • Best of Zagreb

    All the beauties of the city in one sight

  • City tour by tuk tuk Anastasia Zagreb

    Only 600 pieces of the iconic Ape Calessino were made in 2012 limited edition, and one of them can be found in Zagreb at Anastasia Suites.

  • Escape Zagreb - The Curse of the Black Queen

    Experience history through exciting puzzles - The Curse of the Black Queen

  • EvenTura

    Is there a more “Zagrebian“ tale than the one told in the film One Song a Day Takes Mischief Away?

  • FIT tours for children

    Up the stairs, down the stars - if you wish to explore Zagreb and take care of your cardio, FIT tours are just the thing you must try.

  • Graffiti & Street Art Tour

    How and where were first graffiti made? Is street art genuine art?

  • History and interesting facts about Ban Jelačić Square – house to house

    Step by step, house to house – this is a walk through the history of Ban Jelačić Square, through numerous interesting facts it holds, its houses and former residents.

  • InstaZagreb Tour

    Photoshooting and a tour to remember

  • Italians in Zagreb

    The marks Italians left on Zagreb can be traced all the way back to the Middle Ages, constituting an important part of the local history.

  • Old Zagreb

    Did you know that Zagreb used to be divided onto Kaptol and Gradec until 1850, and that there was a stream called Medveščak between them?

  • Pinelli & Vino

    The first Croatian wine and paint studio

  • Private Zagreb Pedicab Tour

    Unique ecologically guided tour of all sights by electric tricycle / pedicab with driver

  • Secession in Zagreb

    Strengthening the cultural identity of the Danube region by building on common heritage of ART NOUVEAU

  • Segway Zagreb All Around Tour

    Fall in love with Zagreb - the city of a million hearts!

  • Segway Zagreb Leisure Tour

    History meets the present, traditional meets the contemporary

  • Sightseeing tour for the grandparents and grandchildren

    Dear granddads and grandmothers, those that will do anything they can to spoil their favourite grandchildren and put a smile on their faces, now have the opportunity to give them a special advent surprise!

  • Street Art Tour Zagreb

    Discover the art of Zagreb streets

  • Sweet Zagreb

    Aaah the alluring, tasty, charming chocolate!

  • The ’Green Heart’ of Zagreb

    Green horseshoe in Zagreb?

  • Under the Upper Town’s Old Roofs

    A walk through Gradec in a different way, with stories revealing how they lived, what they did and how the purgers had fun

  • Unlock Zagreb

    Get to know Zagreb in an unforgettable outdoor adventure

  • Vlaho Bukovac in Zagreb

    What Zagreb was like at the time when Vlaho Bukovac was its inhabitant

  • Your custom Zagreb sightseeing tour

    Do you want to enjoy the parks and cultural institutions of Zagreb? Listen to stories about its history and people?

  • Zagorka in Zagreb

    Journalist, writer, feminist and a woman who had been defying her contemporaty patriarchal norms.

  • Zagreb for children

    Kindergarten or elementary school? With or without parents?

  • Zagreb in the Songs of the New Wave

    Then and now. One rhythm, one city. The energy that has swept through Zagreb at the beginning of the 1980s was transformed into the music of New Wave, the one that is still a part of the city today.

  • Zagreb Through the Eye of a Local

    Rent a friend in Zagreb

  • Zagreb Time Travel

    The first interactive fun-educational tour on a tablet!