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Street art

Art is no longer confined to institutions. Art goes out into the streets and becomes visible and accessible to everyone.

Art invites us to see the city in a different way and think about what it represents to us. Throughout Zagreb, you can find great examples of street art integrated into the city's architecture. Street art seems to be perfectly complementing it and giving it a modern symbolism.

The fact that the city has recognized the value of street art is confirmed by numerous festivals that present it to citizens and visitors. Street Triptych and The Okolo Project bring exhibitions to the streets, uniting the Croatian street art scene and demonstrating to visitors the best of art beyond the boundaries of institutions.

Another such example is Mali Zagreb (Little Zagreb), an exhibition of miniatures that irresistibly reminds of old Zagreb crafts and shops, which are incorporated into buildings, promenades, walls, and passages. On the other hand, the Pimp My Pump collective dealt with the past in a slightly different way: they artistically revived the classic Zagreb water pumps, in the true spirit of combining the traditional and the modern.

The city's appreciation of unusual installations is also proven by the fact that there is a grounded solar system all over the city. The grounded Sun is in the very center, and all over the city, various planets can be found at the same distance and the same size ratio as in the real solar system!

Miniatures or graffiti, installations or alternations - Zagreb is truly a canvas for all new forms of art.