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Mobile applications and websites

We live a fast-paced life and search for information online when we are sitting on the tram, when eating lunch or waiting for a friend to join us for coffee.

That is why Zagreb has mobile applications that will give the necessary answers as quickly as possible. Moje Sljeme application guides its users safely along the roads of Medvednica, Razvrstaj MojZG teaches them how to properly sort waste, and the ZgPark application is making parking payment easier. An application for explorers Zagreb360 provides its users with a virtual walk around the city and is a tourist guide as well. 

Zagreb is a city that has recognized the importance of the online world and combines it with its traditional heritage, which, until recently, was the legacy of our grandparents. Now it is no longer necessary to go to "plac" (the market) for fresh fruit and vegetables - there is the web platform of the Zagreb Online Market, which shows which producer has the desired product, its price and the possibility of delivery. For those who want to have their own vegetables, but do not have time to grow them, there is a digital solution: renting a garden through the Gruntek platform. This way, someone else takes care of the garden, and the tenant can enjoy the products.

The online world offers numerous opportunities, and we can safely conclude that Zagreb will successfully connect the internet to every aspect of city life.