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Easy access destination

People with disabilities are the largest minority group of tourists in the world.

As many as 650 million travelers are looking for easy access sightseeing destinations. Zagreb is a city that has them.

If you decide to visit one of Zagreb’s tourist destinations, you can download the Blue Line – a tourist map for wheelchair users that shows how to go about the center of Zagreb, for free at the information centers of the Zagreb Tourist Board. Zagreb is a city that thinks of everything.

There is also a new online service of the City of Zagreb – Easy Access Zagreb, which provides information on accessibility to various facilities from the public, private and civil sectors. There are currently about 2,500 objects in the database from eight categories: culture, education, sports, hospitality, administration, social care and health. Zagreb is an accessible city.

Zagreb is also home to the Typhlological Museum – one of the few specialized museums in Europe that deals with the issue of people with disabilities. Under its roof, tangible and intangible materials related to people with disabilities are collected, preserved, studied and documented. The emphasis is on materials for the visually impaired.

Photo credit: Lice Grada

Several valuable collections are kept here: Collection of objects, Collection of photographs, Ophthalmological collection, Collection of archival material and Collection of fine art. Part of the knowledge is kept by the professional library, which with its works encourages harmonious and tolerant relations between people. Zagreb always gives you more.

Zagreb also has its first tourist agency specializing in tourism for people with disabilities. The Agency TravAbled was created as a next logical step after creation of the first global advisor for travelers with disabilities of the same name.

Zagreb is an easy access destination.