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Sustainable architecture

Sustainable lifestyle, ecology and nature have found their place in various elements of our lives: from the food we eat, and the products we buy to our daily habits and thoughts.

Likewise, there are more and more buildings which are in accordance with a sustainable lifestyle and which, with their design and technical specifications, are on the way to a better and safer future.

In Zagreb, these buildings come in the form of residential buildings and business premises that are characterized by a high level of energy efficiency, incorporating the principles of sustainability in every aspect of construction. An excellent example of this is Park Kneževa, a residential and commercial building in the center of the city, with many plants on the exterior, Smart Home systems and the most contemporary environmental care system.

For tourists who are looking for sustainable accommodation, there is a great offer of hotels. Mövenpick, part of the world-famous hotel chain, has 104 smart rooms, electric charging stations and an entire concept based on energy conservation, waste reduction and organic nutrition. The Esplanade stands out, a hotel with an extremely rich historical heritage that proudly walks towards a sustainable future – from a program that reduces food waste, and BOSK gluten-free certification to charging stations for electric vehicles.

Sustainability is present everywhere, including in architecture. Whether they are old or new, residential or commercial, hotels or institutions - buildings throughout Zagreb follow modern trends and move towards advanced methods in construction and management.