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Five good reasons to organize a sustainable business event in Zagreb

From numerous green areas, ecologically driven public transport to hotels and catering with sustainable practices, Zagreb offers everything necessary for a successful and ecologically conscious business event

In today’s world in which more and more organizations and companies give advantage to sustainability in event organization, choosing a destination becomes of crucial importance. Thanks to the strategic approach of the Zagreb Tourist Board, through continued development of projects that base their activities on the reduction of negative tourism impact on nature and the environment, but also due to the activities of all the local stakeholders in the tourism and meetings industry, Zagreb is nowadays an ecologically conscious and truly a year-round destination. In addition to the sustainable infrastructural systems, hotels, restaurants and event venues, Zagreb offers everything necessary for the organization of a successful business event.

  1. Green airport

Given the importance of reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, airports play a key role in the sustainability of traveling. International Airport Zagreb, as a modern and ecologically conscious infrastructure, is among the signatories of the “Toulouse Declaration” which aims to ensure a green future for the aviation industries.

Furthermore, the airport holds a certificate from the ACI (Airport Council International) which confirms the level 3 of management and reduction of CO2 emissions in everyday airport activities, representing a significant step towards fulfilling the commitment to reduce CO2 emissions to zero until 2050.

Following the guidelines for sustainable development, which implies activities with the aim of reducing carbon emissions, International Airport Zagreb continues the good practice of planting trees in its surroundings. A few years ago, a project was realized to plant over 130 trees in the vicinity of primary schools in the territory of the city of Velika Gorica, and at the start of 2024, 240 tree seedlings were planted in the territory of the airport in cooperation with Croatian Forests.

  1. Ecological public transport

The infrastructure of public transport in Zagreb provides passengers with a variety of sustainable options for arrival from the airport and getting around the city with minimal impact on the environment. Modern approaches to managing and planning public transport contribute to the reduction of the emission of greenhouse gases and promote ecologically acceptable ways of traveling. Also, thanks to the proximity of meetings and hotel capacities to the tourist attractions, Zagreb is ideal for the healthiest way of transport – walking. Read more here: Zagreb’s sustainable solutions for transport of the business event participants.

  1. Lushy green infrastructure – parks as the city’s “lungs”

Zagreb prides itself on numerous green areas, parks and promenades which provide the ideal hiding spot from the summer heat, or a calming environment for sustainable business events in the open. Green zones like Maksimir Park and Bundek Park offer inspirational locations for conferences, team building activities, or simple relaxing in nature, and these forested and green territories are at the same time valuable producers of oxygen, the so-called city “lungs”.

Namely, more than three quarters of the administrative city area is green – forests, fields, meadows, parks and other natural surfaces. Therefore it does not surprise that Zagreb is among the greenest cities of Europe by the percentage of green surfaces and water.

  1. Sustainable accommodation, venues, gastronomy and supporting features

Hotels in Zagreb greatly promote energy efficiency, use the most modern systems for recycling and waste reduction and have a sustainable gastronomy supply. They offer comfortable accommodation with minimal ecological impact, providing the visitors with the possibility to support sustainable tourism. Furthermore, numerous hotels in Zagreb have international certificates for sustainable business.

In addition, numerous venues in the city are focused on sustainability, offering spaces for hosting business events with minimal negative influence on the environment. Local Zagreb PCO and DMC agencies will readily connect their clients with suppliers that will additionally support sustainability of the event with their products. Some of such products are badges you can plant (plantable badges), edible dishes and cups, and other similar products that promote values of preserving the environment.

Zagreb caterers offer local and sustainable options for food and beverages for big and small events. Sustainable catering does not only have a positive social effect by supporting local food producers  and manufacturers, but it also reduces the CO2 emissions connected to food transport.

  1. Sustainable activities

We have already mentioned the green oases of the city as the ideal locations for team building activities in the open. In addition, there is also the irresistible Medvednica Mountain as an inexhaustible source of ideas for sustainable events in nature. Furthermore, Zagreb also offers numerous ecologically conscious tours of the city landmarks by electric vehicles and it also has various sports centers for improving the quality of life of both the locals and the visitors. No wonder Zagreb is widely known as a sports metropolis.

The fact that the biggest regional festival about sustainability named Greencajt is held in Zagreb also speaks in favour of the claim that Zagreb is a dynamic city that offers an inspirational atmosphere for sustainable business events. Choosing Zagreb as the destination for event organization is not just a step towards the successful organization, but also a step towards preserving the environment for future generations.

Photo credit: J. Duval