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Sightseeing, people-watching, window-shopping, and detail-spotting in Masarykova Street - now is the time

A part of Masarykova Street in the city center has recently become a car-free zone, now reserved for walkers and cyclists. The experience of the street has completely changed since. People are taking a small break from life to enjoy the city buzz. They grab a coffee, sit on one of the benches, look around... This brings me to my favorite pastime - sightseeing and detail-spotting, even here in Zagreb, my home-town. Why don't we all take a better look at Masarykova Street?

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5 special treats of Novi Zagreb

As promised in the previous article, we are staying on the south bank of river Sava for yet another post about Novi Zagreb area. The recent article was about the must-sees, and now is the time for my choice of special treats that you might like to visit.

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Zagreb's Luxurious Haven Unveiled: Explore the City's New Gems

It may seem as if Zagreb had calmed down for a while, since we haven't heard about any novelties for a long time, but that was because, behind the scenes, that is, the scaffolding, it was hiding a good surprise. For all lovers of elegant and luxurious vacations, I bring to you an overview of the newest hotels in Zagreb that will leave you breathless. It's a guarantee!

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5 things to see in Novi Zagreb

With this article, we are taking you across the river Sava to the area of Novi Zagreb (New Zagreb). Explore it with the help of these recommendations for must-see places!

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A Fun-Filled Summer Guide to Zagreb: Unraveling the City's Hidden Gems!

Discover the magic of summer in Zagreb, as we unveil the city's best-kept secrets and exciting events. From lively music festivals along the Sava river, to enchanting concerts under the stars, join us on a journey of joy, laughter, and unforgettable experiences in Croatia's vibrant capital city. Let's make this summer one to remember!

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Welcome to the playful shade of Krešimirac Park

We all tend to admire historical parks. The older they are, our appreciation grows stronger. Now, what if I told you that one of the most notable parks in Zagreb is only 85 years old? This youngster is unique for many reasons. Why not take a look at some of its prominent features?

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One may be accustomed to look for art indoors, in galleries, theatres and other spaces, but #Artupunktura changes that perspective; art in public spaces in #Zagreb will find you! LINK IN BIO #VisitZagreb
A park that exudes romance! 😍❤ 📸 @iuliapopa91 #VisitZagreb #LoveZagreb #Zagreb
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