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Zagreb Be There

Light, joy, hope. Let Zagreb's energy captivate your soul.
Zagreb. Be there.

Unusual and unique attractions

Zagreb has one-of-a-kind museums, legends, and every building has a unique story to whisper. The secrets are waiting.
Be there.

Uspinjača / Funicular

Dolac local products

Fresh, tasty products from all over Croatia make their way onto Dolac market. The taste of tradition in the heart of Zagreb, waiting for you.
Be there.

Tržnica Dolac/Dolac Market

Great cuisine

Food prepared with careful ingredients, masterful hands and lots of love. Local delicacies, Croatian and world cuisine is waiting for you to taste it.
Be there.

Esplanade Zagreb Hotel - Zinfandels Restaurant

Cafe culture

The sunshine is caressing those inviting café terraces, everyone is sitting and enjoying themselves. There is a warm cup of the finest coffee waiting just for you.
Be there.

Skalinska ulica / Skalinska Street

Medvednica mountain

A cable car will take you right up to the fresh mountain air and astonishing view of Zagreb and surrounding area. Nature is waiting.
Be there.


Romantic Zagreb parks

The flowers are blooming, there are colours everywhere, a light breeze is gently swinging those green tree branches. That oasis is waiting for you.
Be there.

Zrinjevac Park

Museums for everyone

Art, technology, emotions or times long gone? Remnants that will reach you and touch your soul are waiting.
Be there.

Umjetnički paviljon / Art pavilion

Numerous festivals and events

Music concerts, art exhibitions, unique festivals and sports events. Numerous events, one location.
Be there.

Festival svjetla Zagreb / Festival of Lights Zagreb

Cool atmosphere

Relax, let your worries go away and enjoy your time. This city will adapt to your needs and make sure you enjoy your stay.
Be there.

Gradska atmosfera/ Street life

Great locals

Smiling faces, welcoming hands and such amazing souls live in Croatia’s capital. Their hospitality is always ready to welcome you.
Be there.

Dvorišta / Courtyards

Unusual museums

From Contemporary Art to Illusions and Broken Relationships … Zagreb has a fantastic selection of unusual museums that you should not miss.
Be there.

Muzej prekinutih veza / Museum of Broken Relationships