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Dance party at Zrinjevac

Dance party at Zrinjevac

From the 50s to the 70s of the last century, the favorite type of entertainment for Zagreb residents were dance parties. Many generations grew up keeping up with the world trends and dancing to the rhythm of the most popular pop, rock, jazz and swing hits. The Zrinjevac Dance Evenings revive the spirit of the old Zagreb dance parties.

Participants will be able to dance around the Music Pavilion, which became, back in 1891, a place known for organizing promenade concerts. The dance shoes will be moving to the rhythm of various music genres. There will be swing and rock'n'roll and the attendees will be dancing Charleston jive, salsa and tango. The diversity of the music and entertainment program is one of its main perks, enriching Zagreb's abundant summer event schedule.

From 28 July to 2 September, every Friday and Saturday, the residents of Zagreb, as well as its visitors, will be able to enjoy the Dance Evenings at Zrinjevac.

During these 10 summer evenings, the visitors will have a unique opportunity to mingle while dancing and listening to great music, alongside learning a few dance moves and enjoying amazing live shows.

Every weekend, Zrinjevac will be hosting dance workshops organized by the Dance Center Zagreb by Nicolas, where professional instructors will teach the visitors dance moves of the Viennese waltz, discofox, jive, tango, foxtrot and many others.

Give this opportunity a whirl at Zrinjevac from 5 pm. The dance workshops will be starting at 6 pm, while the concerts are scheduled to begin at 8 pm.

Admission is free for all programs. In case of unfavorable weather conditions the program will be rescheduled for Sunday.


Datum / Date: Plesna radionica/ Dancing workshop Koncert / Concert
28.07. Blues Louise bend
29.07. Discofox Miro Ungar
04.08. Engleski valcer / English waltz Superstary
05.08. Quickstep The Sway Band
11.08. Jive Robert Mareković & the Swingers
12.08. Jive 2 Groovy Cakes
18.08. Cha Cha Cha Superstary
19.08. Bečki valcer / Viennese waltz Miro Ungar
25. 8. Tango Tango Rock Band i Zagrebački Dixieland
26.08. Foxtrot The Sway Band
01.09. Engleski valcer / English waltz Superstary
02.09.  Quickstep The Sway Band


Dear fellow citizens and visitors,

The recent stormy weather has unfortunately caused the breakage of trees and branches in Zrinjevac Park. During your stay at the park we kindly ask that you pay attention to warning signs placed throughout and, for your own safety, avoid all areas with visible damage (broken off tree branches). Also, we encourage you to be informed on the local weather forecast prior to visiting the park.