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Green transport

Perhaps one of the most important symbols of sustainability are new methods of transportation.

Just like the Internet is replacing paper, recycling is replacing conventional waste disposal, the electricity is replacing oil in transportation. These methods of transportation are environmentally friendly and acceptable, they will not only take you to your destination but also to a better, greener future.

Present in Zagreb since 1891, trams were at the beginning powered by horses. However, they soon became electrically powered, as they are today, so with minimal engine noise, the trams gently glide through the city and connect different parts of the metropolis.

Croatian Railways also has its own electric horse, domestically produced from the KONČAR factory in Zagreb. Although the first locomotive arrived in Zagreb back in 1862 and was the main means of transport for long-distance journeys and industry for decades, today an electric-powered commuter train proudly struts along Zagreb's tracks as the most comfortable mode of transportation.

Photo credit: Lice Grada

The Sljeme Cable Car and the shortest cable car in the world, the one that connects the Upper and Lower Towns, are also electrically powered. 

If you are already the proud owner of an electric vehicle, you don't have to worry about running out of "fuel" in Zagreb – there are numerous charging stations for electric vehicles all over the city. In parking lots, gas stations, shopping centers or in separate locations along the road, these charging stations prove that the citizens are more prone to buying electric cars and that Zagreb is on its way towards sustainability.

Photo credit: Lice Grada

Let's not forget other modes of transport such as electric bicycles, Segways and electric scooters – in Zagreb, you can rent your own and enjoy a light, sustainable ride with the latest technologies.