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The "Oto Reisinger House of Cartoons" Sparks Wide Public Interest

On March 2024, Zagreb's cultural scene was enriched by an artistic project that had already sparked wide public interest even before its official opening. Located at 44 A Radićeva Street, the "Oto Reisinger House of Cartoons" has officially opened its doors.

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Trapped in an enchanted forest

Would you dare to enter even if you "didn't know that the Forest was enchanted and that all manner of magic abode there? Some of its magic was good and some of it was bad - to each one according to his deserts. Now this Forest was to remain enchanted until it should be entered by someone who preferred his sorrows to all the joys of the world."

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Wonders of Weather: Zoran Vakula's Meteorological Picture Books

Spring has officially arrived, and I'm bringing you just the right topic to read while exploring my beautiful city of Zagreb. Buckle up; we're flying to the sky!

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Pets are more than welcome in Zagreb

How come so many people have dogs around here? And big ones, too? For Zagreb locals, it feels normal to meet people walking their dogs everywhere in the city.

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Find Me Where the Light Illuminates the City: Festival of Lights Zagreb 2024. Edition

I haven't even looked back since last year's edition, and this year's Festival of Lights Zagreb has already arrived. After the first harbingers of spring on the city's meadows, I am especially looking forward to this harbinger since it marks the city's awakening from its winter sleep. Good morning, wonderful Zagreb!

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In love with love, another year in a row!

Hey there, lovebirds, did you find yourself in my city just before Valentine's Day? It may not be Paris, but Zagreb is definitely a city of love – see why!

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Whether you're a history enthusiast, a photography lover, or just looking for a perfect spot to wander around, Upper Town and St. Mark's Church won't disappoint! ❤😍 📸 @evanedinger #VisitZagreb #LoveZagreb #Zagreb
The hidden gems of Zagreb are just waiting for you to discover them! ❤😍 📸 @dasa.kovacevic #VisitZagreb #LoveZagreb #Zagreb
Walking through the streets of Zagreb at night is nothing less than magical. 🌙✨ 📸 @besnikmn #VisitZagreb #LoveZagreb #Zagreb
Explore Zagreb through the alphabet! ❤ Let's start with the letter A. 🎉🎊 A is for ... ... ... 😍 #VisitZagreb #LoveZagreb #Zagreb
Happy Mother's Day! 🥰❤️ #VisitZagreb #LoveZagreb #Zagreb
Meow, cat,Baby Lasagna! 🎶🎤💃 🕺 Let's go @the_baby_lasagna_ !!! 🥰❤ #VisitZagreb #LoveZagreb #Zagreb #BabyLasagna #Eurovision2024 #RimTimTagiDim
Let's all dance together #RimTigTagiDim tonight at the European Square! 💃🕺 #VisitZagreb #LoveZagreb #Zagreb #BabyLasagna #Eurovision2024
There's no going back !!!! 🎶🎤💃 🕺 We've been dancing #RimTimTagiDim since morning and we can't wait for the final of the eurovision !!! 🥰 GOOD LUCK @the_baby_lasagna_ !!!!❤ #VisitZagreb #LoveZagreb #Zagreb #BabyLasagna #Eurovision2024 @croatiafulloflife
Whether you're a nature enthusiast or simply seeking a peaceful retreat, the Zagreb Botanical Garden is a must-visit attraction. 🥰❤ 📸 @michellegraphy #VisitZagreb #LoveZagreb #Zagreb
Sretan Dan Europe! ----- Happy Europe Day! #VisitZagreb #LoveZagreb #Zagreb