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Pets are more than welcome in Zagreb

How come so many people have dogs around here? And big ones, too? For Zagreb locals, it feels normal to meet people walking their dogs everywhere in the city.

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Find Me Where the Light Illuminates the City: Festival of Lights Zagreb 2024. Edition

I haven't even looked back since last year's edition, and this year's Festival of Lights Zagreb has already arrived. After the first harbingers of spring on the city's meadows, I am especially looking forward to this harbinger since it marks the city's awakening from its winter sleep. Good morning, wonderful Zagreb!

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In love with love, another year in a row!

Hey there, lovebirds, did you find yourself in my city just before Valentine's Day? It may not be Paris, but Zagreb is definitely a city of love – see why!

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Temple of Humanity

When imagining a mental institution, most Croats will think of the best-known one in the country. The hospital is known as Vrapče, and the name became a synonym for a psychiatric institution in Croatia.

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Panoramic View of the Past

New beginnings are always a good time to look ahead and, at the same time, to reflect on the past. At the start of this year, I looked back. A bit too far back, ending up in Zagreb almost a century ago. I found some postcards from the 1920s. Panoramic photos are so popular these days, and almost anyone can take them with the help of drones and modern technology. But what if you wanted to take one a hundred years ago? Let's look back together.

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A Kaleidoscope of Cultural Delights: Art That Touches the Heart

And again, writing this from a cold Zagreb, I am thrilled to bring you a glimpse of upcoming cultural events in Zagreb throughout January 2024. The city of lights and arts never ceases to amaze with its diversity, and this January is no exception. Let's dive in and explore the artistic worlds that will come to life in my city.

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Čarolija boja i arhitekture zajedno stvaraju nevjerojatan prizor! ✨ - The harmony of colors and architecture is truly mesmerizing! 🥰 📸: Julien Duval #Zagreb #VisitZagreb #LoveZagreb
U svakom kutku cvjetnih zagrebačkih ulica skriva se priča koja čeka da bude otkrivena. 🌷 - There's a story waiting to be discovered on every corner of Zagreb's flower-lined streets. 🌷 📸: Daša Kovačević #VisitZagreb #LoveZagreb #Zagreb
In case you missed it, your pets can be on our new web site. We look forward to their photos. 🐕🐈 #VisitZagreb #LoveZagreb #Zagreb #LjubimciZagreba #PetsofZagreb
Putovanje s kućnim ljubimcima zahtijeva detaljno planiranje, stoga se na našoj novoj web stranici može pronaći popis tzv. pet friendly smještajnih i ugostiteljskih objekata, veterinarskih službi, skloništa, psećih parkova i još puno toga. 🐕🐈🐇 🔗 #VisitZagreb #LoveZagreb #Zagreb #LjubimciZagreba #PetsofZagreb
Bajram Šerif Mubarek Olsun!
Zagrebačkim ulicama cesta mog života teče! ❤🎵 📸 @dasa.kovacevic #VisitZagreb #LoveZagreb #Zagreb
Nedjelja kao stvorena za ṣ̌etnju Maksimirom! 😍❤️ ------ Perfect Sunday for a walk in Park Maksimir! 😍❤️ #VisitZagreb #LoveZagreb #Zagreb
Charming streets waiting to be explored! ❤ #VisitZagreb #LoveZagreb #Zagreb
Every moment in Zagreb is like a postcard come to life, and on today's postcard are legendary blue trams! 💙 📸 @_marekzelko_ #VisitZagreb #LoveZagreb #Zagreb
From the medieval charm of its Upper Town to the buzzing energy of the Lower Town, Zagreb offers a captivating journey for every explorer. ❤ 📸 @dasa.kovacevic #VisitZagreb #LoveZagreb #Zagreb