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Zagreb Classic

Heavenly sounds under open skies

Zagreb Classic open air festival is truly an experience for all classical music lovers. First-class musicians from Croatia and all over the world will perform the best of classical music at the end of June for people from Zagreb and their guests on a unique stage under the stars on one of Zagreb’s most beautiful squares, King Tomislav Square.

The works of Croatian and international composers are performed for classical music lovers and those who are about to become one by the synergy of talents of artists who tried and tested on prestigious stages all over the world. But the one in Zagreb is, however, something special. Zagreb Classic open air is loved by many for the same reasons, though from different perspectives: because of the carefully selected program, beautiful ambience and that much important chemistry between the music, performers, audience and city atmosphere.

And one more thing: unlike the usual music halls, for this occasion you will wear sports or casual clothes and find your spot at free concerts on the lawn, sharing with others the experience of outstanding music in a truly special setting, overlooking the starry sky, beautiful flowers and the city lights. Because you are here – in the very center of the city, and yet, driven by music, you are so far away from everyday city life...

Zagreb Classic open air has been held since 2016, and among artists and music lovers it enjoys the cult status, further reinforced by this year’s edition.


Visitors are encouraged to bring their own refillable water bottles to the festival venue. Water filling stations, known as Zagrebački Franceki, are located on Strossmayer Square and King Tomislav Square.

Program 2024

Zagreb Classic
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Rehearsals will be held on June 21, 23 and 30 in the early evening at Trg kralja Tomislava for the next day’s performance. The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the program. In case of bad weather conditions, the events are cancelled. Admission to all concerts is free.

About artists

Film Classics
Film lovers surely know how much the score means to the whole experience, and when it comes to classical music, it can add a special dimension to a film. In addition to the rich tradition of film music, the score serves to connect the story, emphasize certain aspects of the action, and further engage the viewer/listener.
The Swinging Count!
American jazz pianist, organist, bandleader and composer William James ‘Count’ Basie earned his nickname from a radio host who wanted to place him among the aristocrats of jazz music, alongside Duke Ellington and Earl Hines.
Ballet of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb
The Croatian National Theater in Zagreb presents a programme consisting of three ballets connected as a whole to provide the festival audience with a comprehensive overview of the theatre’s repertoire and an evening of outstanding dance that can be enjoyed by spectators who are not ballet connoisseurs as well.
Homage to Stars
Komedija Theatre, Zagreb’s home of musicals, is proud of its outstanding performers, its singing stars. Last year, two great artists who significantly shaped Komedija’s history, Sanda Langerholz-Miladinov and Branko Blaće – Bleki, passed away.
Vienna Music Film Festival
Following the example of Vienna, which marks the 33rd edition of this wellknown music and film festival at Rathausplatz this year, Zagreb also joins this unique event this summer.
Cine y tango
Italian virtuoso Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi began his musical education at the age of nine, first playing the accordion and later learning the bandoneon. He graduated with the highest marks from the Music Conservatory of Saint Cecilia in Rome.
Urban&4 and the Croatian RadioTelevision Symphonic Orchestra
Damir Urban, one of the most versatile and creative musicians on the Croatian scene, has demonstrated over several decades of his career that his musical expression transcends boundaries of place and time, and defies genre limitations.
Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra
The Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra is an orchestra with a 150-year tradition of superlative musical performing in Zagreb and Croatia. It is a promoter of musical art throughout Croatia and a cultural ambassador of Croatia in the world.
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