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Do you wish to experience the life in Zagreb as the locals do? Visit the nearest square and take a look into their lives. Squares have been a part of their lives for as long as towns exist. These are the places where people gather, and which have heard many interesting tales along the way. Some even hold the monuments of these tales to this day.

Besides monuments, the city squares are home to many cafes and restaurants which attract the locals. Keep in mind that Zagreb’s residents can spend hours drinking coffee with the sound of street musicians in the background.

If by any chance you prefer shopping, you won’t be disappointed: from antique fairs on Britanski square to classic butiques on Cvjetni square, you will surely find something that suits your needs.

Zagreb is also known as the city of green squares due to the richness of flora decorating many of them. So if you ever get tired of strolling through the city streets, look for the nearest square, take a break and rest for a bit. You will be surrounded by flowers, wonderful architecture, cheerful voices and great stories in the making.