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Ban Jelačić square, Kaptol and Gradec through stories about famous people from the local history, their fates and accomplishments

Kaptol and Gradec - bishops and judges, noblemen and citizens, peace and battles.

These two settlements, divided by Medveščak stream and connected by the Bloody Bridge, united in 1850 into the city we know today, commencing the history of mayors and archbishops whose lives had been full of interesting anecdotes. One mayor was the first one to get his drivers licence, another one was “carried away by water” and the third one got his heart pierced by a needle after he died. One archbishop took part in the Hungarian revolution, and another one was placed under house arrest. These and many more interesting tales can be heard on this tour that leads you through the historical center of Zagreb.


Date/day of departure: 5.12.

Time of departure: 5 pm

Point of departure: Visitor center, Ban Jelačića Square 11

Language: Croatian or English

Price of the tour: family €30.00; 2 adults €50.00; group of 3-5 people €65.00; others by agreement

Duration of the tour: 2:00 h

Reservation/Check-in: Yes

Tours on request: Yes