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Stories From the Life and Pen of August Šenoa

Get ready to discover August Šenoa, one of the greatest Croatian authors of all time, and get to know the man behind the pen, the character behind the novels.

His teacher Branka will lead you on a journey across the streets of Zagreb, stopping by the locations which bear a strong significance in the life of Šenoa: from the locations of his novels to the store he used to visit. You will also learn about the significant people from his life, as well as their life stories, leaving an even bigger impact from times long passed and lives once lived. Just like his novels, Šenoa's life was full of compelling tales.


Date/day of departure: 16.7., 25.8. 

Time of departure: 6:00 p.m.

Point of departure: Monument to Andrija Kačić Miošić

Language: Croatian

Duration of the tour: 2:15 h

Price of the tour: free

Reservation/Check-in: Yes

Tours on request: Yes