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Zagreb is the second greenest city in Europe!

Sometimes we are not aware of the importance of green spaces in urban areas.

Sometimes we are not aware of the importance of green spaces in urban areas. Parks, riverbanks, forests, even trees on the streets – these oases of nature are not here only to decorate the monotonous asphalt. They improve the air quality, alleviate noise, control the temperature during heat waves and contribute to the biodiversity of cities.

Whether used for recreation, rest, socializing or relaxation: spending time in green spaces alleviates stress and improves mental health. It contributes to children's physical and mental health and reduces the risk of obesity. It improves the health of the elderly and contributes to their inclusion in social events. Isn't it incredible what nature can do to the urban environment?

The people of Zagreb can proudly say that their city is among the cities with the highest number of green spaces in Europe! According to the EEA study "Who benefits from nature in cities? Social inequalities in access to urban green and blue spaces across Europe", Zagreb is, with 74%, the second capital city in Europe by the percentage of total green infrastructure.

Maksimir, Bundek, Jarun, Savica, Sava River, Lenuci’s Green Horseshoe, Ribnjak, Tuškanac as well as the wonderful nature of Medvednica – this is all the green side of Zagreb which raises the quality of life of the local people. It is also important to mention that the availability of green spaces in most European cities depends on the area – areas with a population of the lower socioeconomic status usually do not have the access to parks or playgrounds. But Zagreb is full of trees and meadows, lakes and streams, green squares and serene parks.

This is proof that the quality of life in Zagreb is at the highest level. This is the city that can proudly call itself "the green city" and it invites you to enjoy the wonderful blend of urbanity and nature, which is perfect for a balanced, happy and meaningful life.