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Gastro tours

Strudels, schnitzels, beer, “klipići”, “mlinci”, “tafelšpic” and… truffles? Oh yes, this is the food that marks Zagreb, a true gastronomical destination which acts under various culinary influences, from Vienna to the Mediterranean.

Who doesn’t like to eat well while travelling? And just imagine having the chance to learn more about the food that is in front of you, about all the culinary influences which impacted your destination – and you get these gastro tours! These small outings around various gastronomical and oenological points inside the city (and around it) will familiarise you with its rich offer and make you realise that Zagreb isn’t slacking behind the more famous foodie capitals.

Proud of the tastes and smells harmonising it, those whose roots stem from Zagreb’s long history and the influences marking it, this city will show you the meaning of good taste – and flavour. You know what they say: love passes through the stomach, and this also refers to the one Zagreb will surround you with!