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Movie theatres

Are you captivated by those black and white faces with thin eyebrows in glamorous evening gowns? Or do you prefer action-packed film spectacles in 3D? Maybe you have just had enough of fiction and wish to see a good documentary.

If you are in Zagreb, you are destined to find something for your soul on one of its many film screens. 
Even though watching films on computer screens is becoming more and more popular, true cinephiles know that there is no greater satisfaction than sitting on those velvet seats and waiting for the film to begin. The aesthetic aspect of cinemas attracts tens of thousands of visitors each year to city cinemas each year.
The film selection in the capital is as heterogenous as the buildings in which they are screened: blockbusters in modern shopping centres and film classics in charming old buildings, surrounded by trees. Choose a cinema and a film to your liking, get comfortable and enjoy the visual charms of the seventh art form!