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58th International Folklore Festival in Zagreb: Rich Ethnographic Heritage

During five days of the festival, folklore associations will again this year pass through streets of Zagreb, breathe new life in heritage and traditions and take us back to past with their songs and customs.

The 58th Zagreb International Folklore Festival, an event which has been an integral part of Zagreb’s summer identity for almost six decades, will take place from 17 to 21 July this year. On this occasion, outcomes of the Erasmus+ programme cooperation of UNESCO cultural sites will be presented by stressing national theme Šokadijo u srcu te nosim (Šokadijo I carry you in my heart) which will present the basic determinants of the identity of Šokci. They are a Croatian ethnic group inhabited in the regions of Slavonija, Srijem, Baranja and Bačka within Croatian borders as well as the surrounding countries.

During five days of the festival, folklore associations and individuals will present tradition of Šokci, as well as variety of Croatian ethnographic heritage and heritage of other nations and cultures.

Folklore performances will take place on stages at Ban Josip Jelačić Square, Zrinjevac Park and other locations in Zagreb and the surrounding area. The folklore festival will be preceded by opening of topic exhibitions as well as lectures in several locations in the city. During the festival, music, educative and creative workshops will take place in Zrinjevac Park.

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