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Ilica 65

Psychological immersive game

It's the place where you can examine the whole range of emotions: 
from total fear to contagious laughter and incredible happiness!

Your team (2-5 players) has 90 minutes to enjoy the Morpheus game world and to save as many people as possible. You have to master a whole series of emotions, solve interesting tasks, search for traces and clues, and most importantly - free your imagination and enjoy!

Morpheus's specialty is that players do not see anything and they can experience actors and the game only through the senses of hearing, smell and touch. Actors and Morpheus himself are responsible for smells and touches. They "revive" the actions, and they play the roles of unknown persons. With each and every actor, players find themselves in a situation where they have a moral dilemma - to help him or to believe or to run away. In Morpheus, all actors are professionals,and here really shine.