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Escape Room Enigmarium

Krvavi most 3

Get ready for an incredibly fun, original and one of a kind test: to escape from a locked room in one hour.

The cult computer game has now become a real one: first, we lock 2 to 5 players in an actual room. Then, in 60 minutes, you must discover and unlock secret items and clues to decipher the codes, discover the passwords, solve puzzles and riddles, think logically, work together and find the key to the exit door!

The Mysterious Case of the Zagreb Witch - Get ready for a new generation of escape room fun in a story fully incorporated into the local history. A one-of-a-kind concept, never-seen-before puzzles, high-tech gadgets, unexpected twists and great game flow will keep you amazed till the final minute!
Fun 100% guaranteed!

Uncover the real story about beautiful, innocent Barica Cindek, who was accused of witchcraft and sentenced to burn at the stake. Her destiny is now in your hands! Can you find the passage to the 18th century and save her from the stake? Or will history be changed forever?


Additional information:

  • - to find out more information about escape room fun visit web page
  • - location: in the centre of Zagreb in a pedestrian zone 3 minutes walking distance from Zagreb’s main square – Trg Bana Jelačića. The address is Krvavi most 3
  • - advance bookings over the internet or via the telephone are mandatory, since Enigmarium unlocks its doors only at previously scheduled times