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Prolaz Oktogon, Ilica 5

CROATA is a luxury Croatian brand.

Just as the cravat has become a synonym for Croatia, CROATA has become a synonym for the cravat. CROATA cravats are tied every day by many businessman throughout Croatia and the world: diplomats; statesmen; the world’s famous people and celebrities. Even the American President Obama owns a CROATA 1 (One and Only) cravat, as does the Japanese emperor, and many other presidents and well-known people.

Did you know that Croatia is the homeland of the cravat?

Back in the old days, Croatian girls used to tie scarves into a knot around their fiancé’s neck before faithful moments such as leaving for war, as a sign of their love and loyalty and in the 17th century when fashionably sophisticated Parisians noted the Croatian light cavalry for their original detail - they wore simple and airy scarves elegantly tied in a knot around their necks - the look became fashionable. Due to the fact that the scarf was worn “a la Croate” (in the Croatian manner) this expression rapidly became the root of the new French word “cravate”.

Therefore the cravat is a universal symbol of love, responsibility, ceremony, celebration, and business success. It speaks of humanity, man and woman, and their responsible attitude towards the world.

Walking towards the west from the main Zagreb square you will arrive in the Oktogon arcade.

In it is located a store that combines cultural heritage and contemporary style.

This location is beautiful. Its marble and wooden floors and display cases show a wide selection of cravats. Shelves are stacked with silk cravats with Croatian Glagolitic letters and many other patterns from Croatian heritage.

There are limited lines, with only 4 or 7 in the same pattern and colour, which can be seen, and on the pedestal is placed a special cravat auHRum made out of silk threads interwoven with 24-karat golden laminates.

Beside silk ties, wallets, belts, tie clasps, briefcases, kaftans, on the shelves are gently positioned women’s scarves and shawls. Their colours will overwhelm you and if you are looking for something gentle and feminine – do not doubt – go straight to CROATA.

CROATA cravats, scarves, and shawls are made from the finest silk, in exceptionally small series, with considerable attention paid to the handcrafting. Special care is paid to the design, offering a wide range of colours, patterns, and motifs. CROATA cravats and scarves are unique in terms of their motifs chosen from the rich treasury of Croatian and world cultural and natural heritage.

Barack Obama wears them. Donald Trump wears them. Helmut Kohl wears them. So it’s no wonder you can easily bump into a local or foreign celebrity while shopping here.


Address: Croata, Ilica 5, Zagreb, Croatia 


Opening hours: 

Monday – Friday 8:00 – 20:00; Saturday 8:00 – 15:00, Sunday closed

Transport: All trams to the main square

Credit Cards accepted: AmEx, DC, MasterCard, Visa.


So, when you are planning your stay in Zagreb, CROATA has to be on your travel itinerary.