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Zagreb around World War II

Heroics. Tragedies. Victims. World War I was the first act, the sense of peace and enthusiasm was the second one, and the final act brought on a bloody conflict all over the planet.

The darkest period of European and world history was marked by tales from the people who had other life plans, cut abruptly and cruelly. It is thanks to them, the individuals whose stories have nearly vanished from historical records, that we have today’s freedom and democracy of the modern world. On this interactive tour you will learn their stories, see into the moments in time and learn how these people influenced modern life, culture, politics and society.

Date/day of departure: 5.7. and 12.7. at 10 am, and 16.8. at 6 pm

Point of departure: Square of the Victims of Fascism

Language: Croatian, English, French

Duration of the tour: 2:30

Price of the tour: Croatian language: €12 per person, EN/FR €25 per person

Reservation/Check-in: Yes

Tours on request: Yes