Digital nomads and Zagreb

Croatian capital, located in the heart of Europe, is the perfect blend of entertainment, culture, exquisite gastronomy, and relaxed lifestyle that will surely put it on your list of the hottest destinations for nomads. Easily accessible, affordable, safe, with a thriving tech scene, Zagreb will fulfill all your expectations.

Set your remote office in one of the charming cozy cobbled streets of the old town, or grab a coffee and enjoy the calmness in one of numerous Zagreb parks.

Experience the relaxed and artistic atmosphere of the old city and pleasant city vibe, and find out why Zagreb is becoming increasingly attractive to digital nomads.

Find out more about digital nomads in Zagreb

  • Zagreb in 72 hours

    Sticking around for three days allows you to enjoy a much fuller experience of the Zagreb way of life. This gives you enough time to explore the city's highlights, make a local café your own and learn to navigate the tram network.

  • Zagreb Top 10

    Ideal for sightseeing by foot, Zagreb reveals most of its attractions in the old part of the city divided into Upper and Lower Town.

  • Two Days of Zagreb for Art Lovers

    Like any decent Central European capital, Zagreb has preserved a lot of rich heritage over its long history.

  • Two Days of Zagreb for Nature Lovers

    Zagreb is a big and lively city, but it takes only half an hour to enter its vast green surroundings, so much different and quieter than the urban jungle.

  • Two Days of Zagreb for History Lovers

    The city of Zagreb has officially been counting its history since the year 1094, even though many interesting things in this area had also been happening centuries before.

  • Two Days of Zagreb for Families

    A family trip means you need more activities and compromises, preferably with as little stress as possible. To begin with, Zagreb is a safe and open city, comfortable to live in, where most places can be reached on foot and a large part of social life takes place outdoors.

  • A day for an adventure in Zagreb

    You are already well acquainted with the best known parts of Zagreb – you've experienced the pace of the Lower Town, seen the sights of the Upper Town, strolled through the gardens and parks, enjoyed the scenes at the markets, checked what the local cuisine offers, found the perfect souvenirs.