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Relaxing in nature

All these green havens in the middle of the city, from lakes to parks, are home to numerous plant and animal species.

This much biodiversity is truly unusual for a capital city and a metropolis, but it is proof that Zagreb really cares about nature. Tours are organized for visitors and residents of Zagreb so that they can get to know the local flora and fauna.

One of them is bird watching at Savica Lakes (which are both an ornithological area and a protected landscape), Lake Bundek and lakes in Maksimir Park. A look through binoculars reveals the strange life of these winged creatures, and their incredible resourcefulness and grace, which we are not even aware of until we take a closer look.

Educational trails will bring the world of nature closer to people, and awaken their awareness of the preservation of the flora and fauna that surrounds us. What stands out the most are the impressive 500 Horvat's steps, a real man-made phenomenon on Medvednica, where we can admire natural beauties such as dark caves and limestone scarps, and at the same time read about their origin and significance.

Why choose these peaceful nature visits? Nature is there so that we can live with it in a wonderful symbiosis. However, in order to achieve it, we need to get to know it and its other inhabitants in more detail.