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Enjoying good company

The people of Zagreb know how to enjoy a good company.

Family, friends, business colleagues or passers-by - Zagreb residents are happy to drink their cup of coffee and share stories anywhere, with anyone, throughout the year.

Photo credit: Lice Grada

Their pets are also an indispensable part of the society. The people of Zagreb love to spend the afternoon with their four-legged best friends. A tram ride to the big green park, playing with a ball, and then refreshments in one of the many pet-friendly cafes and restaurants. Every neighborhood has at least one such park, a total of 71 public areas where dogs can roam off-leash, about 40 pet-friendly restaurants, one Cat Cafe and one water park for dogs. Zagreb’s pets happily wag their tails when visiting Zagreb 360 and the Ethnographic Museum. Zagreb is a pet-friendly city.

Photo credit: Lice Grada

But the people of Zagreb especially like days showered by sunshine. Then social activities move from cafes and restaurants to the outside locations. Yoga in nature, hiking and rowing on the river are favorite recreations of many locals during warm days. Just like a birthday celebration or a Sunday family gathering with a barbecue on Bundek or Jarun. And how many fun and business events Zagreb hides! Explore them. Perhaps while drinking coffee at one of Zagreb’s events, you realize that Zagreb is a friend you want to grow old with.