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Active lifestyle

Nature heals, nature calms, nature gives a new perspective.

That is why many recreationists will choose activities that combine recreation and nature and give them the best of both aspects - physical activity that promotes physical health, and the tranquility of nature that contributes to mental health. Whether it is running along the Sava embankment or cycling through the parks of Zagreb, the options are numerous and always open.

Lice Grada

For those who have the courage for a more demanding bike ride, the immediate surroundings of Zagreb are full of classic roads and challenging mountain trails, where every cyclist can find something to their liking. Adrenaline parks offer an even greater dose of excitement, with paintball, trampolines, jeep rides and various challenging games.

A recent addition to numerous trails perfect for hiking is an interesting photo safari! An exciting ride in a 4x4 jeep will leave many breathless, but also create amazing memories - both in thought and in photos. For those who are not keen on such adventures, but like to combine recreation and nature, there is also a golf course in Zagreb, which combines hills and plains, meadows, and lakes. The Zagreb golf course has a total of 27 fields, and consists of two playing fields. The "City Course" has 9 fields, while the "Competition Course", designed by the English golf architect Howard Swan, has 18 fields.

One thing is certain: from the city to the city surroundings, from the park to the mountain, every part of Zagreb seems to have been created for an active lifestyle.