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Medvednica – symbol of the city

When the people of Zagreb want to escape from the everyday life of the city, they don’t have to go far. Zagreb leans against Medvednica, a mountain located north of the city.

Medvednica is one of the most recognizable symbols of Zagreb and a popular Zagreb picnic spot. You can come to visit Medvednica on foot, by car, by bus or by cable car. Depending on the season, Medvednica takes out her magic brush to paint her dress with wonderful colors and refresh the scenery for the new Zagreb postcards.

As many as 70 hiking trails for pedestrians and cyclists, 70 streams and several caves and mines, among which the most famous are the Veternica Cave and the Zrinski Mine, known for its silver mines, are part of this mountain. And they are not alone.

Several mountain lodges were built on Medvednica, many churches and the Sljeme ski resort, where the Snow Queen rests - a track used for World Ski Cup races.

But Medvednica is not only a place of recreation. It also hides the dark secrets of the Middle Ages. Every year at the end of September, the most famous fort Medvedgrad becomes the venue for the attractive historical and tourist event Medieval Days at Medvedgrad. Visit this event. Become an active participant in events that tell the history of Zagreb and relive the lives of former Zagreb residents.

If you are bored with the Trial of the Witch or the Attack on the Zrinski Mine, take a walk to the military camp. Delight your taste buds with beans or stew in a bread bowl. Experience the past with all your senses. Experience Zagreb from bird’s-eye view.

The Medvedgrad fortress has been watching over Zagreb for eight centuries, and its tower offers the most beautiful view of the city and the wider area. Take a deep breath, feel the atmosphere of the city, take a break from its urban rhythm. There is no fear; there are no bears, wolves or lynxes. But in this magical Nature Park there is the aforementioned Veternica Cave, where as many as 18 species of bats appear.

Do you know you can adopt one? Although bats have very few natural enemies, they are highly endangered. If you want to help their survival, adopt one and save its life.

Heading photo: Tomislav Kristo / CROPIX