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Havens of Medvednica

Hiking on Medvednica is a favorite activity of many people of Zagreb, as well as daring adventurers from all over Croatia and beyond.

Whether it is a one-day trip to one of the peaks, or a multi-day conquest of the entire Zagreb Hill and its surroundings, visitors are always happy to explore the richness of flora and fauna and the diverse relief, but also enjoy the feeling of serenity when they head out into its expanses.

However, sometimes you need to stop and take a break from physical effort. That is why there are mountain lodges and houses all over Medvednica that take care of these adventurers, offering them the best of local gastronomy and accommodation to rest before further departure.

There is a small mountain lodge Grofica which offers food, drinks, and accommodation for up to 3 people, and the large Runolist, which is protected as a cultural good due to its specific architecture. Risnjak with 12 beds and Grafičar, built in alpine style, which can accommodate up to 23 people, are also worth mentioning.

Whether you reach them on foot, by car or by the new and modern Sljeme Cable Car, mountain lodges and houses will always be ready to welcome you. Their offer is diverse, and every visitor can always count on that special hospitality that gives them a sense of belonging and home.