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New Museum: Cravaticum in the Home of the Cravat

The Museum of the Cravat, Cravaticum, brings the story of this important item of clothing which originated in Croatia. Zagreb is the capital and the best place to find out about its history and future.

Did you know that Croatia is the homeland of the tie and that this fact makes Zagreb its capital? The Cravaticum museum, located in the very centre of the city and scheduled to open in late June, brings the story about this item to visitors of Zagreb. It is a unique museum with a story about an accessory that is today a symbol of businesspeople and is worn in particularly solemn occasions. The museum follows the historical development of the tie or the cravat, from its romantic beginnings of this “lucky charm” to visions of the future told through creativity of a contemporary fashion designer.

But the history of the cravat, dating as far as 17th century, is presented in a modern manner at the museum. On a 130-square-meter area, visitors encounter artistic approach to decoration, and many interactive and unexpected exhibits. There is also a small cinema hall as a part of the museum and a souvenir shop with custom made items.

History says that the first ties were made by women and girls for their men, Croatian hired soldiers who went from Croatia to fight in the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648), predicting luck and a safe return home for them. The French, under whose flag they fought, noticed the scarfs worn by Croats and named them La Cravat. This is how the accessory got its name. It became a global symbol of businesspeople, an integral part of all festive occasions and a final touch of a good styling of men and sometimes women.

The museum Cravaticum is located in the very city centre, in the Lower Town Tomićeva Street in which there is also the Funicular to take you from the Lower to the Upper Town.