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Highlander Medvednica: Hiking with a View of Zagreb

Hiking, mingling and admiring wonderful nature on the mountain that Zagreb leans on makes Highlander Medvednica a special story.

This year, hiking event Highlander Medvednica takes place from 7 to 9 June. In addition to beautiful nature, pleasant mingling and promotion of a healthy way of life, the event is also special due to the fact it takes place next to a capital of a country, which makes getting there easier for participants.

Medvednica Mountain is located to the north of Zagreb and its summit Sljeme (1033 metres) is an excursion site popular with citizens of Zagreb offering rich catering choices and natural, cultural and historical sights.

There are two formats of the event. Highlander Lyra, named after the musical instrument symbolizing balance and harmony, lasts for a day and will take place on 8 June. The total length of the route is 25 kilometres and it guarantees an exciting adventure and surprises. The organisers warn that despite the short format, it is much more than “a regular Sunday walk in the park” due to its demanding nature and required strain.

Highlander Pegasus Medvednica was named after the constellation in northern sky which was in turn named after the winged horse Pegasus in Greek mythology. Hikers will complete this 49 -kilometre-long, demanding and interesting route in three days, while also enjoying beautiful nature, fresh air, interesting socializing and entertainment.

Highlander Medvednica, which is taking place for the third time, is supported by the Zagreb Tourist Board.

It is also interesting to note that hiking event Highlander originated in Croatia and spread to 15 countries in the world.