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Awaiting 2024: Celebration to Kick Off New Year

If you believe in the theory that new year will be as pleasant as its celebration, this is a good reason to celebrate it in Zagreb.

New Year’s celebrations in Zagreb are famous for excellent entertainment and atmosphere as well as safety. This will also be the case at the celebration of 2024 which is to take place in the main Ban Josip Jelačić Square where traditionally numerous citizens and visitors of Zagreb celebrate new year with an attractive programme and in high spirits. This time, rock band Let 3, which is known for creating excellent atmosphere and offering lots of fun, will entertain the gathered crowds in the main square. The Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra will also perform their holiday pieces in the main square on New Year’s Eve.

In addition to this one, there are many other spots in the city where crowds of different music tastes will say goodbye to the year in outdoor bars, while toasting and listening to music. You can simply choose what appeals to you. New Year's Eve parties will also be organised in the city’s clubs.

For those who prefer a somewhat calmer and more solemn gatherings, there are parties organised in hotels, restaurants and other exclusive catering facilities, accompanied by a rich holiday menu, music and dancing.

Everyone will choose a celebration in line with their preferences and everyone will have the best wishes. The first day of the new year is an opportunity to congratulate each other and go for a walk in the city, which will continue to be marked by holiday spirit until 7 January.