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Advent for Children: Time for Fairy Tales, Play and Joy

Advent Zagreb offers many activities intended for children which will spur their imagination, curiosity and play. Joy grows if it is accompanied by children’s laughter.

The world of fairy tales, play and toys, animals and sweet challenges awaits children at the Advent festivities in Zagreb. At children’s theatre, museums or out in the open, they will find content to enrich their experience of holiday season.

The Backo Mini Express Train Museum is one of the facilities that offer content adapted or age -appropriate for children. This is where you will find beautiful miniatures modelled after first original trains. In the Ethnographic Museum there is an exhibition entitled Sweet Saints, dedicated to the chocolate figurine of St. Nicholas which is a traditional gift during Advent. You will find out a lot about this sweet delicacy, which is always connected with the holiday spirit, at the Chocolate Museum and have a chance to taste it.

In Zagreb’s Zoo there is a programme dedicated to children entitled Advent at the Wild heart of the city which familiarizes them with the life of animals in winter, entertaining and teaching them at the same time. The Story Fixer is a new character thanks to whom “fairy tales are never under the weather” in the Advent programme offered by Mala Scena theatre.

At Ribnjak Park there is an openair Icy Fairy Tale awaiting children in the christal, icy and, as they say, the most entertaining children’s park.

Advent Zagreb is an opportunity for children to participate in creative workshops in the passage of the Croatian Craftsman Association as well as listen to children’s choirs, sing along or watch a show.

In the city streets there will be many toys offered by local producers which will remind children of Advent period in Zagreb and be a perfect gift option for adults searching for presents.