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Holiday Spirit: We Have a Recipe for Dreams

Decorated Christmas trees, flickering of candles, gingerbread hearts called Licitarska srca as the city’s symbol, romantic images, songs and unity are all part of holiday spirit. And all of it is here, as it should be.

Excellent atmosphere is just the thing that many visitors as well as citizens of Zagreb emphasize. During Advent period, this enthusiasm is certainly even bigger because the city streets, squares and parks receive holiday decorations, and each year is better than the previous one.

The largest and most adorned Christmas tree in Zagreb is found in the central Ban Josip Jelačić Square, which is a place to meet, gather and sing. In the nearby passage Oktogon, Christmas tree ornaments change as the shapes and colours of kaleidoscope so it is always different and always equally lovely. In King Petar Svačić Square, numerous miniature ornaments, such as jingle bells, snowflakes and Christmas baubles will together create oversized light sculptures whose beauty will be accompanied by a quiet, romantic music.

If you feel like dancing, consider yourself invited to the openair hall in Ivan Mažuranić Square, whose popular name is Mažuranac. Whether you are wearing your evening clothes or a winter coat, you will dance at the rhythm of music made by quartets, trios and soloists who will take you back to past times but also help discover the atmosphere of city life in Zagreb.

In the square in front of the Croatian National Theatre, you will find symbols of Advent period, large Nutcrackers as well as a beautiful Christmas atmosphere both in front of the building and in the atrium.

In Grič tunnel you will dream your Polar Dream which is inspired by aurora borealis. Instructions on how to dream are enclosed and, you will definitely see light at the end of the tunnel. 

At Ribnjak Park, another spot in the city centre, you will find Moon Garden. Enjoy moon flowers and make a wish. It will certainly come true, as always, when thousand stars fall from the sky.

At Ribnjak Park, the entertaining Icy Fairy Tale filled with light awaits children but also those who feel like a child. This is where the kind Snow Queen fulfils children’s dreams.

Advent festivities in Zagreb make many dreams come true both for children and adults.