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  • Zagreb Gourmet Walking Tour

    Kaptol 11

    If you are a gourmet, this is the tour for you.

  • A Walk in the Old Town

    Skokov prilaz 2

    City tour in Dutch, Russian or English.

  • ZagrebTalks

    Štoosova 16

    Theme city tours

  • City Tour of Zagreb by Globtour Event

    Trg N. Š. Zrinskog 1

    City Tour of Zagreb With Costumed Guides by Globtour Event

  • Regular city tour

    Čret 24

    A wide range of programs to suit your travel special interests when you are visiting Croatia.

  • Sign Language City Tour


  • Rent A Guide


    Zagreb City Tours for individual tourists.

  • Ja volim Maksimir

    Štoosova 16

    A theme city tour.

  • Best of Zagreb Private Walks


    Discover the culture, traditions and history of Zagreb with your local guide

  • Funky Zagreb Private Tours


    Private city tours and day trips from Zagreb. Guided by 'Urban Sherpa'.

  • I Love Croatia


    We will try to make your life more beautiful in Croatia.

  • Verband der Fremdenführer von Zagreb

    Šubićeva 20/III

    Geführte Besichtigungen für Touristengruppen und Einzelpersonen

  • Zagreb guides


  • Private Guide Zagreb


    The tour will be tinged with surprises that will make it unforgettable experience.

  • Secret Zagreb Walks


    Storytelling walking tours in Zagreb, inspired by mysterious and fantastic side of the city.

  • Zagreb Space Walk


  • Kamauf - City Tours

    Tomislava Pavleka 43

    Respecting the tradition and spirit of old Zagreb we will take you back in time and show what Zagreb was and we'll point out what it is today.

  • Zagreb 2 in 1 - Classic & Green Tour

    Bogišićeva 20

    Experience the city of specific charm and hospitable people.

  • Zagreb Walk with Marija Jurić Zagorka

    Dolac 8

  • Active Zagreb

    Poljana Dragutina Kalea 10

  • Pub Crawl Zagreb

    Trg Bana Jelačića

    Are you visiting Zagreb and you want to party? Then Pub Crawl is a must do!

  • Zagreb Walking tour


  • Run Zagreb – city adventures


    Run Zagreb – city adventures

  • Swanky Walk & Talk

    Ilica 50

    Walk with me!

  • ETNOsphere

    Preradovićeva 31 (Hrvatska kuća/Croatian house)

    Traditional Folklore Show

  • Inzagreb tours

    Remetinečka 13

  • Zagrebee tours

    Ilica 89

    Zagrebee tours team will help you explore and experience city in unusual and friendly way.

  • A geological tour of Zagreb

    Ban Jelačić Square

    Streets, squares and buildings in Zagreb can be seen in a slightly different way.

  • Zagreb Gourmet – Taste the City


    Discover the flavours and aromas of Zagreb with the guidance of a local food expert – enjoying delicious savoury and sweet treats on our food tours and cooking classes.

  • Unlock Zagreb: discover the fun side of Zagreb's old city streets

    Krvavi Most 3

    To everyone who would like to experience Zagreb in a completely new way or by taking an adventurous walk through the city and getting to know the fun side of Zagreb's well-known streets while at the same time discovering something new on every corner: now it is possible to find it in the exciting city adventure game Unlock Zagreb.

  • Polish Your Zagreb

    Mogilska ulica 56

  • Rent a local friend

    Trg bana Jelačića

  • Truffle hunting Zagreb

    Maksimirska cesta 127

    Top Zagreb sites as unique truffle experience

  • Walk with the Kolumbinas

    Trg Republike Hrvatske

    Performance and interactive tour in the centre of Zagreb

  • Zagreb Time Travel

    Radićeva ulica 15

    A digital city tour that enables you to travel back to Zagreb in the past

  • Escape Zagreb Tour

    Novska ulica 36

  • Racinova ulica 12

  • Why Not - Zagreb

    Trg bana Josipa Jelačića

    Meet Zagreb through the eyes of the locals, a walk through two historic settlements Kaptol and Gradec.

  • Zagreb Walking Tours

    Trg bana Jelačića

    Walking tours of old Zagreb - discover the rich history of the Croatian capital through animated stories full of curious details

  • Tesla in Zagreb

    Jurišićeva ulica 9

    A costumed walk through the centre of Zagreb in the company of inventor and scientist Nikola Tesla.

  • Zagreb Tour with Marzito

    Tailor-made private city tour with a local guide!

  • Greatest Love Stories from the Old Zagreb

    Trg bana Josipa Jelačića

    Visit the old streets of Zagreb

  • No Filter Croatia

    Unique travel experience - Insta Tour Zagreb & Costumed Tour Medieval Zagreb - The Story of Bela IV.

  • Once Upon a Time in Grič

  • Zagreb City Walking Tour

    Gajeva ulica 1

    Prvi put ste posjetili Zagreb? Bez brige - šetnja s profesionalnim lokalnim vodičem poslužit će Vam kao savršen uvod u bogatu povijest hrvatske prijestolnice.

  • Zagreb, I return to you

  • Enchanted Stories

  • Witches from Grič and their Horrible Story

    Take a walk in the Upper Town and listen to the story about Zagreb witches.

  • Soul of Old Zagreb

    A walk through the medieval settlements of Kaptol and Gradec.

  • Zagreb Before everything

    Do you know what Zagreb looked like before Zagreb?

  • One interesting walk through Zagreb

  • Zagreb mystic walk in the evening

  • A Stroll in Maksimir

    Welcome to an elegant Sunday walk

  • Maksimir Now and Then

    Learn more about the history of the most beautiful and largest public park in Croatia.

  • Fit Tours

    Upstairs, downstairs

  • Viatica Travel – Private Zagreb Day Tours

    They offer private and customized Zagreb sightseeing tours and Zagreb day tours to surroundings attractions in English, Spanish and Croatian.

  • Walk with Tito

    Historical tour in the capital of Croatia

  • Bienvenidos a Zagreb

    City tour in Spanish

  • Green or Lenuci’s Horseshoe through a walk and a story under the motto “learn and love”

    This walk and story includes parks, public buildings, monuments, realized and unrealized ideas...

  • Zagreb behind the scenes

    Ulica Tome Bakača

    A local guide shares interesting stories and legends

  • Walk through the old Zagreb

    Meet the medieval Zagreb and Zagreb in the 19th century.

  • For Gentlemen and Women Adventurers

    Find out what going out in the evening looked like in the old Agram.

  • Zagorka tours

    Die lizenzierte Reiseleiterin ZAGORKA lädt Sie zum Spaziergang durch die alte Stadt Zagreb ein.

  • From King Tomislav to Ban Jelačić

    A story and a walk take you to the history of Croatia over the past 11 centuries.

  • Sonstiges

  • City Tour with Ape Calessino

    Ferde Livadića 17a

    Use the opportunity to try out an authentic symbol of Made in Italy transportation...

  • Center for food culture - Experience of Croatian gastronomic story in the heart of Zagreb

    Nazorova 18

    If you want to discover the country you are visiting, try it’s food. Join us at the Center for food culture on a journey through the Croatian gastronomy!

  • Antropoti Vip Club Zagreb

    Bogdanovačka ulica 13

    City tour in luxury limousine

  • Experience Zagreb with all your senses with Rickshaw.

  • Zagreb Segway and Walking Tour

    Fall in love with Zagreb - the city with a million hearts!

  • City tour in a fiacre

    Gornji grad, Zagreb

  • Panoramic and walking tour

    Savska cesta 1

  • Mirogoj cemetery and sightseeing tour

    Savska cesta 1

  • Eno expert academy / Wines of Croatia workshops

    Vlaška 78

  • Old Zagreb Tour

    Radnička cesta 54

    Old Zagreb tour offers thematized tours of the City of Zagreb in an electric replica of Ford model T from 1908.

  • Spin City - car sharing


    Car sharing service.

  • Zagreb PEDICAB

    Trg bana Jelačića, Zagreb, Croatia

    Let us show you Zagreb from another perspective!

  • Cooking Croatia

    Ulica Vladimira Nazora 2

    Experience Zagreb with all the senses

  • Tanceraj

    Čerinina ulica 5

    Do you want to change the rythm of the sightseeing?

  • The Magic of Beer Brewing

    Ulica Kreše Golika 3a

    A Craft Adveb-Tour at Zmajska pivovara, guided by Master Brewers

  • City Tour on Electric Scooter

    Kožarska ulica 16

    Guided tours of Zagreb on e-scooters.

  • e zoom Zagreb

    Ulica Šime Ljubića 36

  • E-scooter Self Guided tour in Zagreb

    Gajeva ulica 1

    Exploring Zagreb city on the unique electric scooter self guided tour is a perfect way to see more things in the capital city by spending less time.

  • Art Bottega - Pineli & Vino

    Palmotićeva ulica 64a