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Little Zagreb: Pause, Find, Recognise!

While walking down the streets in Zagreb, lower your gaze and you will spot Little Zagreb, a reminder that miniatures that we sometimes do not even notice in everyday life make our life more fulfilled and beautiful.

The Little Zagreb project is a series of miniature installations which will be scattered on the streets of Zagreb until late June. These are small compositions which resemble the facades of old residential buildings and shop windows in Zagreb. Each of them individually and all of them together reflect the identity of Zagreb and show big world in small scale.

These authentic and vivid miniatures have been installed on busy and interesting streets in the city centre such as Martićeva Street, Petrinjska Street, Ratkaj’s Passage, Vlaška Street as well as surrounding streets. Sometimes they are placed on the curbs, sometimes at the bottom of fences or in other public spaces, but they are always accessible to the gaze of an attentive observer. It is enough to look down and discover the little world in the big world in most unexpected places, which is literally and figuratively important for each of us.

The Little Zagreb project, which is accompanied by an adequate map to allow finding these spots, started in 2021. It is a message of the authors to pay attention to small things and allow them to tell us about former city life, habits and people.