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Homage to a Great: The House of Cartoons Oto Reisinger Open to Visitors

The House of Cartoons Oto Reisinger is an homage to a great cartoonist, but also a timeless world outlook in which many topics never lose their importance.

Renowned Croatian cartoonist Oto Resinger, who passed away eight years ago, left behind a rich oeuvre with more than 50.000 drawings. Always up-to-date, witty and with an impeccable skill to say timeless truths about many local and global topics through likeable scenes with Pero, Klara and Štefek as protagonists.

The longstanding idea about opening a house dedicated to the legacy of Oto Resinger was realised by his grandson. It is located at 44 Radićeva Street, the street which connects the central Ban Josip Jelačić Square and the Upper Town. The oeuvre of Oto Reisinger’s works was divided in several topics, such as everyday life, politics, sports and health, ecology etc. so there is a space dedicated to each of the topics. There are also exhibits dedicated to his cartoons, Oto Reisinger as a person and to numerous awards he received for his work.

Considering a rather rich oeuvre which is impossible to present all at once, exhibits will change keeping the main features of the author’s work as a constant: an outstanding drawing skill and witty sketches from private and public life that bring a smile to one’s face, but also often bring tears to your eyes when speaking about the world around us.

Photo credit: The House of Cartoons Oto Reisinger