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Dance Evenings at Zrinjevac Park: Do You Dance?

If you enjoy dancing or want to learn new dancing techniques, you can meet professional dancers at the most beautiful of parks in Zagreb.

Dance evenings at Zrinjevac Park are a chance to dance on Friday and Saturday evening at the open-air, historical park in the very city centre. For ten weekend summer evenings between 26 July and 24 August two dancing instructors from the Zagreb Dance Centre will hold a dance workshop. Dance assistants will also be there to inspire dancers and help everyone present to learn the steps. All of this is a preparation for a dance to be accompanied by music played by a visiting band.

Every evening a different dance will be taught. Last year, Dance evenings at Zrinjevac were very well received so there is a reason to believe that numerous citizens and visitors of Zagreb will use this chance to take lessons by professional dancers, enjoy dancing to excellent music and have pleasant summer evenings.

The overall atmosphere will certainly be influenced by the ambience of Zrinjevac Park, the oldest park in the Lower Town which was established in 1892 and was named a monument of park architecture in 1970. Zrinjevac Park is part of a string of parks in the very city centre known as Lenuci’s or Green Horseshoe. In addition to busts of famous Croatian citizens, plane trees and flower beds, there is also a beautiful meteorological station which was erected in 1884. At the very centre of the park there is a music pavilion built in 1891. This year it will become the most beautiful dance floor, together with the surrounding plateau.

Photo credit: Sportski plesni centar Zagreb