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Tesla in Zagreb

Kostümierter Spaziergang durch die Unter- und Oberstadt in Begleitung von Nikola Tesla, einem weltberühmten Erfinder.

This is not a classic sightseeing tour. On this tour, you guide will be the world-famous inventor, Nikola Tesla! Throughout the city there are locations related to this brilliant scientist, and you get the chance to visit them all and hear interesting stories about his life and work. Which inventions did he leave behind? What was his time like? What do we have today, and owe it to him? Take a walk with Tesla and let him answer all your questions!


Date/day of departure: Every day

Time of departure: 6 am

Point of departure: Ban Josip Jelačić Square near Manduševac

Language: Croatian/English

Duration of the tour: 2 h

Price of the tour: eine Person: 85€; 2 Personen: 50€ pro Person; 3-5 Personen: 30€ pro Person; 6-8 Personen: 25€ pro Person; 8-12 Personen 20€ pro Person

Reservation/Check-in: Yes

Tours on request: Yes