White Night



Croatian National Theatre

9.15 PM — 1 AM

Artists: Igor Pauška & Alen Sinkauz


A light and sound installation inside the Theater building. Two hundred lighting fixtures create a new composition of the Theater’s architecture, wherein the outer and inner space communicate, getting open in a varying spectrum of colors. The rhythm of colors and light is synchronized with some of the most prominent works by composers of classical music in a live transformation by composer and musician Alen Sinkauz.


By Nikola Tesla statue

7 PM — 1 AM

The author of the Tesla coil Ivan Kožar
author of the performance concept: Emil Matešić
performed by Ivor Benko

Tesla’s inventions are as useful as they are artistically challenging. Young Croatian inventor Ivan Kožar has produced a musical Tesla coil, which will, with the help of dancers under the creative leadership of Emil Matešić, give a performance with sparks of several millions of volts. Feel the power and sound of Tesla’s lightnings in the public space and see how they, hitting the bodies of the dancers, powerfully cut through Zagreb air.

* Following the performance, visitors will have a chance to feel the power of lightning in their own hands using neon tubes.


Zrinjevac Pavilion

7 PM — 1 AM
Artists: Kaja Farszky & Nenad Sinkauz

Percussionist Kaja Farszky and composer, musician, and performer Nenad Sinkauz give a kind of musical stage performance as an instant composition featuring pans and pots filled with water, and even sandpaper. With their performance, they create a new rhythm of the night.


Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts

8 PM — 1 AM

Artists: Etienne Saglio / Monstre(s) (France)


The Phantom is a magical performance that tries to capture and touch a mysterious illuminated object prancing above the observers’ heads and passing between them. Its marvelous hover is accompanied by a live cello performance. The phantom, like an alchemist of some sort, tries to capture the dreams of all those spectators who are ready to believe in its spell.


Strossmayer Square

7.30 PM — 1 AM
Artist: Sandro Đukić; associates: Mihael Giba & Marko Gaćina

The Strossmayer Park opens up as a science park in a new perspective focusing on the position of the statue of Josip Juraj Strossmayer and the back side of the building of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (HAZU). The central statue of Josip Juraj Strossmayer, the founder of notable Croatian institutions, becomes an intersection of science and culture. Through the mapping of the statue and the visual history of the square, by means of combining the mapping of the statue and the HAZU building and together with the sound and light installation in the space, it builds a metaphorical story of the meaning and importance of science and culture.


King Tomislav Square

7.30 PM — 1 AM

Artists: Stefano & Aleks Katunar


We come across a thick forest in the middle of Zagreb asphalt. In it, one can stroll, sit down, and rest. The forest is equipped with a sound system and the visitors have the impression that, for a moment, they wandered into a for­est wherein they can, with the help of modern technology and if they look close enough, find some peculiar monsters.


Mažuranić Square

7 PM — 1 AM

Artists: Ana Hušman & Ivan Marušić – Klif; associates: Jasna Jasna Žmak, Tomislav Domes, Willem Miličević


A multi-channel audiovisual installation in the park at the Mažuranić Square. Several screens of different di­mensions placed amongst the green treetops make the scenery of this event. The work is based on the folk tale Jaje Harambaša, thematizing a courageous egg that abandons its village in order not to get eaten, and meets animals along the way that join it in a pursuit for a better place for living. Using basic motifs of a fable, through the animal characters the installation brings up the topics relevant for living in the city, the attitude toward the pu­blic space, architecture, and everyday life in the city.


French Pavilion (Student Centre) (as part of the 25 FPS Festival and the Music Salon Residence)

10 PM

Artists: BJ Nilsen & Karl Lemieux (Sweden/Canada


Film director Karl Lemieux and sound artist BJ Nilsen vis­ited China in the winter of 2015 to film materials about the infamous ghost towns. The work presented in a live perfor­mance consists of scenes and sounds recorded in Yujiapu, near Tianjin, where ancient fishing villages were destroyed in order for a billion-dollar project, the future financial center, to rise there. The entire city is designed in Manhat­tan style, but it has never been completed and for more than six years it has been completely uninhabited. The out­lines and frames of buildings in Yujiapu, along with the lines and frames of the movie strip on the twelve 16 mm projec­tors, create a visual of abstract elements that slowly re­veal an unprecedented desolation of the urban landscape. The music material was created using electronic manipula­tion of the original field recordings from Yujia.




During Bijela noć (White Night) manifestation following streets will be closed for all traffic: Masarykova Street (from Gundulićeva to Preradovićeva Street), Nikola Tesla Street (from Preradovićeva to Gajeva Street) and Preradovićeva Street (from Masarykova to Berislavićeva Street).