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Exhibition “Franjo Bučar (November 25th 1866 – December 26th 1946)“ of the Croatian Sports Museum

Franjo Bučar played a key role in the development of Croatian sports in their entirety whose work took place at the end of the 19th and in the first half of the 20th century. With a doctorate in history, he was a teacher whose entire life was closely tied to sports. He established the foundations of numerous sporting disciplines in Croatia. In his honor, the Croatian Sports Museum organized the exhibition "Franjo Bučar (November 25, 1866 - December 26, 1946)" which you can see at the following link.

Exhibition of Croatian design 19/20

The first online version of the biennial Exhibition of Croatian Design, an event that has been documenting the best recent design projects in Croatia for 21 years. 

Productions of Zagreb Youth Theater

The Zagreb Youth Theater launched the Retro ZKM online program on request. For a symbolic price of 4 USD on the ZKM Vimeo channel you can watch some of the cult performances of ZKM that you missed, or want to remember. 

Mala Scena Theater online

Mala Scena Theater moved its cultural content from the theater into the virtual world. Mala Scena Theater has also made it possible to watch its productions on demand via the Vimeo platform.




Lado Ensemble from your own home

While nothing can replace direct contact between the artist and the audience, Ensemble Lado still remains associated with fans of traditional art. On their YouTube channel, Lado posted recordings of various concerts that can be viewed from the comfort of your own home.

Virtual tour through the exhibition LADO / RELIEFS / TRACKS

Virtual tour of the Mimara Museum

The Mimara Museum invites all tose interested to do a virtual tour of its collection.


Take a tour of the Museum of Arts and Crafts

The public can take a virtual tour of the permanent exhibition on three floors of the Museum of Arts and Crafts via the Google Museum View website from the comfort of their homes.


The Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb (MSU) has set up a virtual live program #MSUNonStop on its official website and social media. This program will present works from the Museum's Collections on a daily basis and provide interesting facts about its exhibition.



Virtual tour of the Ethnographic Museum

The Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb offers on its website a virtual tour of its collections and exhibitions that serve an educational purpose as well and include the traditional musical instruments exhibition, travels through Africa and South America with the Seljan brothers, and much more.

Zagreb Soloists - Concerts in your home

Zagreb soloists decided to share their work with you, or to be precise videos from their concerts on Facebook and YouTube channels. We live in times when we need peace, but also the responsibility of each one of us. It is known that classic music is relaxing and calm but also keeps the mind awake and sober.

Virtual opening of the WATER 2020 exhibition at the Modulor Art Gallery

The Modulor Art Gallery recorded the opening of the WATER 2020 exhibition, which you can watch on the following link: The virtual exhibition is available on the Gallery's Facebook page:

Zagreb Tours

Zagreb 360

Explore Zagreb through 360 virtual panoramas. More

Zagreb Segway and Walking Tour

Meet Zagreb in the most original way - the Segway way! More

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Have a seat in the Pedicab and take a ride through Zagreb. More


HopOn HopOff - Zagreb City Tour

Hop on Zagreb City Tour bus and take a ride through Zagreb. More

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Badass women of Zagreb

Take a virtual tour of Zagreb with Iva Sila from Secret Zagreb and find out more about the courageous women who shaped our city.


#StayAtHome and order online

Check out the list of food delivery restaurants, and stay home ;)

Taste of Zagreb at your home

Learn about the cuisine of Zagreb through a series of delicious sweet and savory dishes :)