Say I DO in/to Zagreb, a city founded on the notion of love

It isn't called the city with a million hearts for nothing, because Zagreb has been related to love from the very beginning, at least according to the legend of Manda and the Ban...


A moment, a smile, tears of joy furtively wiped away, all of this will become a part of memories that will live in your heart forever. Is there a better place than the city with a million hearts? Two towns united into one city, the present intertwined with the past and told over the last nine centuries by the museums, monuments and city streets. Tell your own story in Zagreb and leave your mark for eternity!


Within the city's pedestrian zone, Zagreb is adorned and interspersed with green ring of parks. Numerous cultural and art institutions, the modern and the traditional, the old the and new… The old town has plenty to offer and it’s impossible to escape the romantic feeling in the streets. Wherever you go, narrow streets and romantic gas street lamps will lead you to the place you’ll want to declare “your place”, a place you’ll come back to every year with your beloved one.

The charm of the city, the fantastic atmosphere, colorful streets and lively city squares create a unique ambience just for you. It can easily be captured by your camera and proudly stored in your favorite photo album.