Street Triptych – check out the unique exhibition “on the go”

A new art project comprising a very different street exhibition is being created

Organized by the art collective of the association Preuredi moju pumpu (Pimp My Pump), which also hosts the Art park event, and the Zagreb Tourist Board, a new project called Street Triptych, which will enrich the streets of Zagreb with small street art masterpieces in 2021, starts this weekend.

It is a unique all-year program of street exhibitions, offering a cross-section of the current local street art scene. Throughout the year, advertising billboards will be a “living” painting canvas and the street will become a temporary art studio, while selected artists will have the opportunity to exhibit their works through a unique form of “exhibition in transition”. The content of Street Triptych will change in cycles – every three months three new works of art will appear on the billboards signed by various Croatian authors. Moreover, as an added element of surprise, one of the three locations will be different each time.

The first trio that transformed the billboards into small works of art includes street artists Mislav Lešić, Zvonimir Haramija Hans and Boris Bare. On the first weekend of the project, from 12 to 14 March, the billboards were painted in Radićeva Street (at number 42), followed by Dolac 1 and Ban Jelačić Square 11 (Visitor Center).

The second cycle was painted by three talented Croatian artists, Tea Jurišić (panel in Radićeva Street at number 46), Sanja Stojković (Opatovina Park) and OKO (Visitor Center, Trg bana Jelačića 11), thus marking the second round with women's handwriting painting a unique “exhibition on the go”.

The exhibition of the Street Triptych will change in cycles - every three months, three new works of art will appear on the panels with the signatures of various authors from all over Croatia. The next painting has been announced for the last quarter of 2021, and until then you have the opportunity to see this free exhibition in the center of Zagreb every day.

“With the idea of taking our minds off the uncertain reality, the earthquakes and all their visible consequences, and the desire to revive the city center with the help of brush and spray, we hope that the new exhibition concept will adorn the streets of Zagreb and brighten the everyday life of its people,” said the organizers.

“With our new project called Street Triptych we want to show that brushes and spray do not always mean vandalism, but that they can also be used to create real visual art in public spaces. We have connected with the most prominent representatives of the local street art scene and every three months new artists will leave their original mark by expressing themselves through different styles and forms. In this way, Street Triptych creates a year-round attraction at certain locations in our city, of which our Visitor Center is always the central location, and conveys positive messages by decorating urban areas in a modern way.” - Martina Bienenfeld, Zagreb Tourist Board CEO

You are all invited to check out the free exhibition in the center of Zagreb, to stop in front of the “artistic canvas” and get to know the work of the current artist, and if you are in the right place at the right time, you might also catch a glimpse of the artist in action!

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