Zagreb Be There: Zagreb Their Way

Everyone sees Zagreb in their own way, looks at it with their own eyes, and has different favourite places, rituals or dishes. Citizens of the city gather their own experience and visitors can discover Zagreb via the app Zagreb Be There.

The new version of the app Zagreb Be There presents Zagreb’s attractions with the help of experience and rituals of some of its citizens. It was launched by the Zagreb Tourist Board in cooperation with the Bruketa & Žinić & Gray agency. While the earlier versions included themed tours that led you to locations connected with a certain type of content, for example street art or craft beer, the new version offers a completely personal take on the city. The new concept suggests routes that take you to someone’s favourite locations in the city. You can explore the city on the Rebound route, guided by a writer and the general editor of a Croatian magazine and get to know spots interesting to those who have just ended a romantic relationship. A presenter and a newscaster, an early bird due to her job suggests following the Morning route, and a popular Croatian chef has devised a Michelin Guide Zagreb route. Two young jazz musicians created the route entitled Jazzy Zagreb and DJ Rea takes you on a tour of old factories which were turned into night clubs.

However, in addition to what you can visit at any period, a special route was prepared during Advent in Zagreb named the Uncrackable dreams which will take the app users on a quest to find the Nutcracker around most popular Advent locations. You will search for nutcrackers and they will guide you through Croatian heritage presented by ornate uniforms at each location.

Routes may have changed, but customs have not: users will still have a chance to win awards by checking in at locations along the route. 

Published: 03.12.2019