The Courtyards: Inviting You to Have Fun in the Upper Town Palaces

Open doors of courtyards in the Upper Town give you a chance for a unique experience and atmosphere which attracts a number of citizens and visitors every year, and rightly so.

The Courtyards, a summer manifestation which is to take place from 13 to 24 July and last two days longer than in previous years, will open five courtyards in the Upper Town to visitors, three of which for the first time. These courtyards of the Upper Town palaces are normally not open to visitors so the fact that they are about to open is intriguing and appealing to the citizens. Naturally, in addition to enjoying the ambience itself, this is also an opportunity for visitors to enjoy music programme, gastro offer and pleasant mingling. 

In addition to the two courtyards of the National Hall Palace of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, which were open to visitors in 2019 for the first time, three courtyards will have a premiere this year. Visitors will get a chance to enjoy the surroundings of the courtyard of Zagreb Astronomical Observatory at Priest’s Tower (Popov toranj) as well as the one in the Archaeological Garden of the Zagreb City Museum. However, a special attraction this year will be the courtyard of the Erdödy-Keglević Palace, which is one of the locations of the Faculty of Law. This historic palace was the last home of the leader of the Croatian Illyrian movement, Ljudevit Gaj, and the location of his famous Illyrian printing house. 

„As one of the most recognisable events in Zagreb during summer, the Courtyards are a true example of how city tourism can be developed in a non-invasive and innovative manner. Along a special, tasteful programme, the Courtyards prompt us to spend time outdoors, offering all visitors peace, relaxation and pleasant summer evenings, which has a positive impact on the development of tourism offer of Zagreb” said the Zagreb Tourist Board Director, Martina Bienenfeld, when describing this cultural and tourist manifestation.

The event was first organised in 2014 as the result of the cooperation between the Zagreb Tourist Board, agency Katapult and G. A. D. production. 

Published: 15.07.2022